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Target And Preventing Extremism For Youths (TAPESTRY)

Realising the possibility of tapping into youth creativity and penchant for social media, SEARCCT designed the TAPESTRY Workshop for the sole purpose of encouraging youth participation in countering violent extremism (CVE) efforts, through video production. Participants engaged in talks, discussions and table-top exercises on the dangers of violent extremism and how such issues were relevant to them. This Workshop also included a video hackathon, in which participants were required to produce unique, relevant and authentic CVE-themed videos.

Inisiatif Mahasiswa Muslim Perangi Ancaman Keganasan (IM2PAK)

The first of its kind, IM2PAK was an initiative conducted by SEARCCT to reach out to Muslim undergraduates in order to address religious-based narratives that were being utilised by terrorist organisations for the purpose of radicalisation and recruitment. SEARCCT invited religious scholars to speak on religious-based CVE issues, which included topics such as religious-based extremism; religious narratives used by terrorist organisations, as well as a session on countering global religious narratives with ‘naratif nusantara’ (narratives from the South East Asia region). Aside from the informative sessions, SEARCCT also ran a CVE campaign design session, in which the participants were required to create a full CVE campaign along with accompanying digital end-products, such as posters and videos, based on the narratives and counter-/alternative narratives that they learned earlier.

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