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Hebat Youth! Positive Expression (HYPE)

This campaign aimed to bring together and encourage youth currently enrolled in public and private tertiary education institutions to formulate creative, community-based solutions based on the theme ‘Bringing Communities Closer Together’.
HYPE had two components, in which the first was the video competition that ran from 1 November 2018 to 31 March 2019. Participants were required to register as groups and submit videos that highlight the following sub-themes:

  1. How Malaysia’s diverse cultures can be utilised to bring communities closer together;
  2. Building resilient communities;
  3. How resilient communities can affect positive social change.

The video competition generated 62 entries and the winning videos were subsequently posted up on SEARCCT’s MyAman social media pages.

The second component of this campaign was the HYPE Youth Carnival that was held on 4 May 2019, in which SEARCCT invited local musicians to perform as well as enforcement agencies and humanitarian organisations to set up information booths, in order to break down barriers and to start building trust between the youth and Malaysia’s law enforcement.

Move - #SenjataSaya

Under the Malaysian Voices Opposing Violent Extemism (MOVE) banner, SEARCCT launched its first ever media campaign called #SenjataSaya (Translation: #MyWeaponIs) in which the Centre worked with five local influencers to produce a series of audio and video public service announcements (PSAs), which were then disseminated on SEARCCT’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram as well as radio stations, namely, Suria FM, Rakita FM, and KK12FM. SEARCCT worked with the advertising agency, BBDO (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. to create and build the #SenjataSaya concept, which sought to redefine the word “weapon” into something more positive. The concept suggests that even ordinary citizens can be heroes as they have “weapons” that can be used for meaningful change.
In order to ensure that these messages would resonate with our target audience, the following influencers were identified to feature in the PSAs:

  1. Fazleena Hishamuddin (Poet)
  2. Dr. Madhusudhan Shanmugan (Founder of the Teddy Mobile Clinic)
  3. Azra Banu (Founder of Carefugees)
  4. Amy Dangin (Radio Announcer for KK12FM)
  5. Airliftz (Rapper)

The PSAs can be found here .

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