Forum on Understanding Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Malaysia

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SEARCCT, in collaboration with the Malaysian Army, conducted a forum entitled “Understanding Terrorism and Counter Terrorism in Malaysia” at the Malaysian Army Academy, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan on 14 November 2019. This was the second forum conducted in collaboration with SEARCCT and the Royal Malaysian Army in conjunction with their Tactical and Staff Course, which runs for three months each series. The same forum had been successfully carried out three times in 2018 and once in early 2019.

            The objective of the forum was to help participants have a better understanding of the threats and issues pertaining to terrorism in Malaysia. In addition, it was also to increase participants’ knowledge on terrorism prevention efforts in Malaysia.

            A total of 71 local officers ranked Major and Captain attended the forum. Speakers were invited from the Royal Malaysia Police, MERCY Malaysia, and also SEARCCT. Participants were divided into three groups for a table-top exercise at the end of the forum. All participants showed great interest throughout the programme. They also agreed that they were able to expand their knowledge in counter-terrorism through participation in the forum.