Counter-Terrorism Financial Investigation Course (Basic)

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The Counter Terrorism Financing Investigation Course (Basic) was successfully organised from 15 to 17 October 2019 at Pulai Springs Resort, Johor. This was the second series of Counter-Terrorism Financial Investigation Course (Basic) after it was held in Langkawi, Kedah in April 2019. It was attended by 32 participants (grades 41 – 44) from various agencies.

            The speakers who led this workshop were SEARCCT’s local trainers from relevant agencies, namely the Royal Malaysia Police, Attorney General’s Chambers, and Bank Negara Malaysia. These trainers were initially trained by Australia during SEARCCT’s Financial Investigation Workshop in March 2017.

            Over the course of three days, participants were exposed to the alarming threat of Daesh through statistics of terrorist suspects in Malaysia while understanding the various legal mechanisms in place. They were then made aware of the differences between money laundering and terrorism financing, along with the various terrorism financing typologies that were discussed through several case studies in Malaysia and abroad.