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Counter Radicalization: Malaysia & India Experience 27 May 2022

SEARCCT along with Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defense Studies and Analyzes (MP-IDSA), India, organised a joint webinar entitled “Counter Radicalization: Malaysia & India Experience” on 27 May 2022.

MP-IDSA is a ‘think-tank’ from India that promotes national and international security by conducting research on issues related to defence and security as well as disseminating knowledge among policy makers and the wider public.

This collaboration program aimed to create a platform for Malaysia and India to share their respective knowledge and experiences in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism. The program also discussed multi-faceted approaches in tackling the radicalization of violent extremism in both countries. The webinar was attended by government and non-government officials involved in terrorism prevention efforts from both countries.

The Malaysian panel session was chaired by Dato Ganeson Sivagurunathan (Director-General, SEARCCT); Dr Ahmad El-Muhammady from ISTAC-IIUM spoke about Radicalisation in Malaysia while Supt Loo Chee Lum, Director of Planning & Training Division from SEARCCT spoke on Capacity Building programmes. Ms. Pa Arul Malar from the Digital Strategic Communications Division in SEARCCT spoke about the Youth & PVE, focusing on counter messaging, social media and outreach.

The Indian panel was chaired by Ambassador Sujan R. Chinoy, Director General, MP-IDSA. Speakers who represented India were Research & Associate Fellows from MP-IDSA – Shri Pradeep Gautam, Dr Adil Rasheed and Ms Shruti Pandalai. The topics covered by the respective speakers were ‘The Threat of Religious Ideological Extremism in the Indian Subcontinent’, ‘India’s Counter radicalisation: Measures and Programmes’ as well as ‘Combating Radicalisation in the Social Media: The Indian Experience’.

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