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The Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Counter-Terrorism (SEARCCT), under the purview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia, was officially launched on 1 July 2003.


Towards a robust community in countering terrorism and violent extremism.

The Centre aims to achieve its vision based on the following Mission Statement:

  • Enhance regional competence in countering terrorism through quality and comprehensive capacity-building programmes;
  • Conduct and publish research in significant areas of terrorism and counter-terrorism;
  • Implement effective soft approach initiatives in countering extremism via strategic communications;
  • Promote public awareness and disseminate information on the threats of terrorism and measures taken to counter them; and
  • Establish and strengthen strategic partnerships at the local and international level.
  • Develop and organise comprehensive capacity building and public awareness programmes on counter-terrorism;
  • Produce and publish quality research materials on significant areas of terrorism and counter-terrorism; and
  • Enhance soft power initiatives towards countering terrorism and extremism.
  • Creating and implementing effective modules and programmes to develop participants’ knowledge and technical know-how on counter-terrorism efforts;
  • Providing effective platforms for the consultation of experts, knowledge-sharing and collaborative research; and
  • Promoting the empowerment of stakeholders to be the medium for CVE through strategic communications.


Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Malaysia

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