Research & Publications

The Research and Publications Division of SEARCCT is tasked to conduct research activities on areas related to terrorism and counter-terrorism


  • Following the completion of a research project, the Division will produce monographs, articles, journals, and / or analytical papers, both in hard copy and online, to be distributed to SEARCCT’s partners and participants of capacity building programmes.
  • The Division is also instrumental in delivering papers and talks on its research findings, as well as lessons learnt from conducting various research activities at both the local and international level.
  • The Division is also responsible for conducting public awareness programmes, mainly through the ‘University Lecture Series’ (ULS). The objective of the ULS is to engage with and speak to students on the dangers of extremism and terrorism.

Areas Of Research

Terrorist Narratives

SEARCCT intends to continue the study of various narratives used by terrorist groups. With better understanding of this, we hope to be able to deliver more effective counter and alternative narrative promoting efforts to deter the spread of terrorist ideology.

Undergraduates and Radicalisation (Youth and Terrorism)

With regard to the theme of youth and terrorism, the aim is to continue engagement with undergraduates to study the lure of terrorism and the radicalisation processes among students in the university setting. With this, we hope to formulate better policy recommendations for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) among youth.

Terrorist Use of the Internet

The Division has conducted research on the use of the Internet by terrorists, particularly Daesh. This is a study that looks into the various activities conducted by terrorists through social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as online communication applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Online Terrorist Recruitment

This research is aimed at identifying the online recruitment process in Malaysia; analysing the recruitment model; identifying social media platforms and preferred online communication applications used to recruit individuals; and studying areas to strengthen in order to mitigate the use of the Internet for terrorist recruitment.

Women and Terrorism

The goal of the research on women and terrorism is to study the push and pull factors that influence the involvement of Malaysian women in terrorism, and the roles they play in terrorist organisations. This research hopes to inform a more gender-sensitive approach in tackling extremism and terrorism.