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1malaysiaen  “To be a regional centre of excellence in training and research on counter-terrorism”      
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SEARCCT Courses 2013


Terrorism 101 Feb 2013


CBRNE First Training Programme Mac 2013



Enchancing Port Security - CBRNE Training Course April 2013


Management and Rehabilitation of Terrorism Offenders April 2013


Terrorism 101 May 2013



Regional Cybercrime Workshop May 2013



2nd Regional Workshop Joint Investigations for Southeast Asian States June 2013



CBRNE First Advanced Training Programme June 2013


Management and Rehabilitation of Terrorism Offenders August 2013


The Dynamics of Youth and Terrorism: Understanding and Countering The Issues September 2013


Countering Financial Terrorism Workshop September 2013


Enhancing Port Security Against Terrorism October 2013


Aviation Security Workshop October 2013


SEARCCT MTCP Workshop on CBRN First Responder Action November 2013


Terrorism 101 November 2013




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