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Research & Publication


The Research and Publication division in SEARCCT has the core function of conducting research in
areas of counter-terrorism that are of national and strategic importance as well as disseminating
knowledge and information to the relevant stakeholders. This is done through research, the
publication of printed materials as well as organising of talks and presentation papers.

Aims for 2018

On the micro level, the Research and Publication division intends to focus its research and
publication activities in
(1) Radicalisation in Southeast Asia,
(2) Undergraduate Radicalisation in Southeast Asia,
(3) Developing a Counter-Terrorism Training Module and Facilitating a Counter-Terrorism  
Workshop for University Undergraduates,
(4) Asia Europe Meeting,
(5) Rehabilitation and Deradicalisation,
(6) Cyber Terrorism,
(7) Lahad Datu Incursion,
(8) The United Nations Counter-Terrorism Legal Instruments,
(9) Terrorism Financing, and
(10) Women and Terrorism.
The division also intends to start triangulating quantitative and
qualitative data to construct more detailed models in all our research. At the macro level,
the Division will continue to engage vulnerable groups that might be susceptible to radical
ideologies, particularly young people.

Our activities in 2018

SEARCCT has organised one of the prominent events this year which is the ASEAN Regional
Forum (ARF) Workshop on Counter Radicalisation at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur.
In addition, SEARCCT will continue to conduct research, public awareness and produce
publications this year in addition to writing monographs, articles and reports.


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