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1malaysiaen  “To be a regional centre of excellence in training and research on counter-terrorism”      
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Our Publications

Undergraduate Radicalisation in Selected Countries in Southeast Asia

DON'T-LAH WEI! : A Peer-to-Peer Resource Guide on Ensuring Your Kawan Never Becomes A Terrorist

Terrorists' Use of The Internet : The Case of DAESH

The Lahad Datu Incursion and its Impact on Malaysia's Security

Radicalisation In Southeast Asia: A Selected Case Study Of DAESH In Indonesia, Malaysia And The Philippines

SEARCCT Selection of Articles Vol. 1/2013

Reaching the Youth Countering The Terrorist Narrative

Youth and Terrorism : A Selection of Articles

SEARCCT Selection of Articles Vol 2

SEARCCT's Selection of Articles Vol 1

Aviation Security In Malaysia

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