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Public Awareness


The Research and Publication Division is instrumental in presenting numerous papers and giving
various talks on the dynamics of terrorism and counter-terrorism in the region to both local
and foreign academicians, practitioners, policy-makers, diplomats and students. In addition,
the Division also invites local and foreign experts to deliver lectures on various topics
relating to terrorism and counter-Terrorism. Among the public awareness programmes are
‘SEARCCT University Lecture Series’, ‘SEARCCT Looking Back Lecture Series’ and
‘SEARCCT Public and Internal Lecture Series’.

Aims in 2017

Realising the importance in creating public awareness, the Research and Publication
Division endeavors to deliver more lectures and to invite more renowned local and
international experts in the field with the aim to enhance the knowledge of people
from the various walks of life.

SEARCCT University Lecture Series

The University Lecture Series are a series of talks meant to engage the local
undergraduates on the threats of radicalisation by terrorist organisations.
The purpose of this lectures are to create ‘mental firewalls’ in the minds of the
undergraduates so as to counter radical ideologies in the event that they are exposed
to such ideas. By engaging, rationalising debating and reasoning with these young people,
it is hoped that the pull of radical ideology can be lessened if not broken.

SEARCCT Looking Back Lecture Series

Considering the significance of Malaysia’s role in defeating the communist insurgency in the past,
the Research and Publication Division have organized the SEARCCT ‘Looking Back’ Lecture Series
which endeavors to relook and reexamine the significant steps that were crafted and executed
during those difficult times. By engaging the top military, police and civilian leaders of those
critical years, we were able to analyse the steps taken then, ascertain the impact caused and
more importantly consider the present day counter-terrorism situation in the light of the
experience gleaned from the past.

SEARCCT Public and Internal Lectures Series

The Public and Internal Lecture Series are aimed at creating awareness on the scourge of terrorism
and enhancing the knowledge of people from the various walks of life. This is done by inviting
renowned experts from both within and beyond Malaysia in the field of counter-terrorism to
enlighten the audience on the subject.

Our Activities in 2016


1. Research and Publication Division organised a 'SEARCCT Internal Lecture Series' entitled
'al-Jemaah al-Islamiyah' delivered by the Research and Publication Division in

2. Research and Publication Division organised a 'SEARCCT Internal Lecture Series' entitled
'SOSMA: Its challengges and implications to Malaysian National Security' delivered
by the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) in SEARCCT.


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