What is SEARCCT?

SEARCCT is an acronym for Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Counter-Terrorism. SEARCCT serves as a major Centre in the region to train and build the capacity of enforcement and security officials from Governments in the region and beyond, with collaboration with other Governments and international organizations.


The Centre has conducted various training courses, conferences, seminars and forums to discuss and understand the root causes of terrorism while arguing that the campaign against terrorism requires a multi-pronged and multi-faceted approach. The Centre also conducts research on various terrorism issues such as terrorism financing, maritime security, the landscape of terrorism in the region, globalisation and its impact on terrorism, international law and terrorism and terrorist activities ranging from Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) terrorism to Cyber Terrorism.

How is SEARCCT organized?

SEARCCT is headed by the Director General and is supported by three main divisions; the Administration and Finance Division, the Research and Publication Division and as well as the Planning and Training Division.

How do I contact SEARCCT?

Contact details of SEARCCT staffs are accessible here.