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Understanding the Narrative of the Terro…

Terrorists have been very successful in capturing the hearts and minds of the young people. They have done so by developing and disseminating a rhetoric that depicts thei... Read more

Ankara, Turkey: Terrorism not Solely a Gov’t Matter: Çiçek.
The problem of terrorism should not be considered a problem that solely concerns the government as the fight against terrorism is, in reality, a national issue as is Turkey’s Cyprus issue, Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek said.
“This country came across with all varieties of terror, [thus] we have to know terror inside and out. Terror is a problem of the state. The Turkish Republic State has a terror problem. This should be well understood. It is not a government matter,” Çiçek was quoted as saying by Anatolia news agency, while underlining that he was not saying this “to find an excuse for any government.”
Çiçek’s remarks came as he delivered a speech at an award ceremony late on Sept. 4 in the central Anatolian province of Sivas. Terror has never fallen from the agenda of the country, Çiçek said while recalling that terror activities launched by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are almost three-decades old. The activities of the PKK and other forms of terrorist attacks should be taken into consideration, Çiçek said, adding that all governments – either coalition or signal party, either leftist or rightist or centrist – have had to deal with terrorist activities. “Terror is a national issue. Exactly like the Cyprus issue,” Çiçek said.

Source: Turkish Weekly     

Dublin, United Kingdom: Irish terror link to guns in forest.
Anti-terror police have been called in to investigate the discovery of guns, explosives and ammunition, thought to be related to Irish terrorism, in an area of Isle of Wight woodland.
As reported last week, part of Parkhurst Forest was cordoned off for five days after a dog walker stumbled across the arms cache on August 24.
Police initially declined to comment on what the items were, despite rumours they included weapons, and said there was no evidence to suggest any threat or danger to the public.
The olice confirmed to the items included two guns, ammunition and what are believed to be two improvised incendiary devices.
"It is clear from the initial examination of these items that they have been there for several years.
"It is possible they are linked to historic Northern Ireland-related terrorism and for this reason the South East Counter Terrorism Unit is now leading the investigation with support from officers of the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Serious Crime Branch.
"There is no indication that the find relates to any current criminal activity," said a spokesman.
Several IRA prisoners were held at Island prisons during the 1970s and 80s and HMP Isle of Wight was informed of the weapons find.
Among those to be held here was Michael Gaughan, who died at Parkhurst in 1974, following a hunger strike. During the 1980s a number of protests were held by IRA supporters outside the jails.

Source: isle of Wight County Press

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